Preparing for Christmas… in April

I really enjoy rubber stamping and card making. I started this hobby shortly before I got married, so I’ve had 5 years to accumulate stuff and become more advanced in my techniques. One of the things that I do is make 95% of our Christmas cards each year. I keep a small supply of commercial cards on hand for emergencies. However, I like sending out cards in early December. And with the Munchkin being a busy little unhelper, and her little brother coming, I have to get these cards made early. Early being now.

I’ve actually done this a few years in a row, because it takes me a few months to get a few batches of cards made. A batch is usually 24 cards or more of the same design. I go through all my Christmas stamps and decide which ones I will use this year, trying to be careful and not to repeat a set from the last year. I try and keep samples from previous years, plus I am insane and keep track in a Christmas card address book of which card got sent to which family.

A friend of mine only makes one card a year and everyone gets the same one. Hers always looks great and fancy, but I think I would get bored with only making one design. Another friend only sends out letters. We do that too, and a picture, but I like seeing a pretty card.

I really am trying to trim my list down, but it is hard. I told the Webmaster that we were going to have to cut people out that we hadn’t heard from in a couple of years, but most of those are great-aunts and uncles of his who are older and don’t send many cards out. So, the list still stands at 80, give or take. The post office makes a fortune off me. I love this tradition, though. I like being connected to family and friends at Christmastime.

So, I will keep plugging away at my new batch of cards, fitting in time to make various birthday cards as they come up, and Mother’s Day isn’t too far off, either, so that’s another handful. How do I get this all done? Thanks to the Munchkin, I conquered sleep deprivation. And I taught the Webmaster how to run the washing machine for a diaper load. And I plan, plan, plan ahead.

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