A busy weekend

It has been a very full weekend. Insanely busy. But all good things.

First, my sister gave birth on Saturday morning to a healthy baby girl. Mom, Dad and baby are at home now and doing fine. Baby is a teeny little bundle, who will be henceforth known in this blog as “Little Cousin” (old family joke, but appropriate in reference to the Munchkin).

Saturday night, Friend, Doc, Webmaster and I went to the Mariner game. Kudos to pinch-hitter Dave Hansen for getting a clutch hit to give them the win. It was a depressing game until the 8th inning. However, a couple of highlights besides the win – we had great seats in the left field bleachers (we’re cheap) – front row, right on the aisle. Very convienent for the pregnant one in the bunch (me). Second, Iron Chef Morimoto was at the game, up in a Japanese press box. Like the Food Network nerds we are, all four of us cheered.

And then the M’s went on to win on Sunday as well! Miracles will never cease. We had dinner at Friend and Doc’s house, where I tried to convince the Brain that yes, there is a baby in my tummy. He checked my pant leg for the baby, because he thought maybe he could see it under my jeans. The Munchkin loved her dessert (Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream) and when it melted, she drank it right out of her bowl. Smart kid. Great dialogue after dinner:
The Brain: Mommy, I want my cup!
Friend: I want you to ask nicely.
The Brain: May I be excused, please?
The joy of teaching children manners…

Now, with the busy weekend behind us, a busy week lies ahead. Here we go!

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