Still not sleeping well

I’m trying to decide how much blame I can put on Munchkin #2 for my lack of sleep.

It seems that at about 11 pm each night, he goes into a Chuck Norris routine that, while it doesn’t hurt, does make it uncomfortable for me to sleep. And at about that time, all his gyrations also cause another wonderful side effect – heartburn. Oh, joy. At this point, I am usually watching TV with the Webmaster (we just got season 1 of Scrubs on DVD and we started watching the show halfway through the first season, so we are catching up with one of the funniest shows of all time), or I am lying in bed reading (finished reading Anne of Avonlea again last night).

So, between Munchkin #2’s need for exercise, slightly nausea-inducing heartburn (Tums help), and a good book, I am suffering from a lack of sleep. What do I do now? The Munchkin’s nap during the day would be a good time to rest, but I need that time to work on things that I don’t need her little paws interfering with. I should go to bed before the heartburn begins, but that’s no guarantee that Munchkin #2 will stay quiet and not decide to use my bladder as a trampoline.

And tomorrow I must get up very early to be somewhere early. So I won’t blog until later in the day. Hopefully I’ll be able to get enough sleep to be an active participant. That would be nice. Now, I must go grocery shopping. After Sesame Street.

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