I have finally completed a project that has been over a year in the making. The Munchkin’s baby sampler is finally finished!

When I say “baby sampler,” I of course mean an enormously complicated (expert-level) cross-stitch piece that I modified to put the Munchkin’s first and middle name on, her birthdate, and her birth weight on. The original pattern, from a 10-year-old cross-stitch magazine, only had room for the kid’s first name and little numbers near the bottom for the birthdate. I loved the design – bunny picnic – so I tweaked certain elements along the way to make some things fit. I like how it turned out.

However, it certainly is an exhausting piece of work. And now, unfortunately, I have to give up one of my favorite toys – my cross-stitch stand. The Webmaster bought it for me some Christmases ago, and I have used it ever since for large projects. But it takes up too much floor space, and we need to clean up the second bedroom in anticipation of moving the Munchkin in there eventually, and there is no way that I can move it into the living room and expect it to live unmolested there by kids, Munchkin and visitor alike. So, we must take it apart and wait for the day when the Munchkins are old enough to know not to touch, or we have a bigger house and a safer place to put it. Not that I will be giving up big projects – I am just back to propping up my bar stretch frame on pillows on my lap instead of having it suspended by an arm in front of me.

And I still have to find some kind of baby sampler to make for Munchkin #2. Not as easy as it sounds. I have made this complicated piece for his sister, and I want to make something nice, though maybe not as complex, and yet all the boy samplers are either horribly simplistic, chintzy, unisex, or Noah’s Ark. Our baby motif has been Baby Snoopy, which the Munchkin has enjoyed very much and I picked because it was unisex and could last more than one baby. However, the only Baby Snoopy cross-stitch patterns I have found are sold on eBay by people with computer graphics programs that aren’t very inspiring-looking – and they want $5.95 plus shipping for them! So, I keep looking.

I am under no illusions that my son will not want a baby sampler on his wall in his room his whole life. I just don’t want him to say to me later how “girly” it is. I don’t mind if he tells me that he’s too old for it at eleven. He might like it again at twenty-five. If not, I’ll keep it. Regardless, I’m hunting for something not too cutesy, not too complex and yet not a stamped-pattern-with-no-backstitching thing, and decidedly boy. Anyone out there got a TIE Fighter, or a Starship Enterprise? 🙂

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