When the government screws up…

I love how the Webmaster and I will get to fix a mistake that we didn’t make.

Baby Boy’s Social Security card arrived in the mail yesterday. This is good, I thought, as we are adding him to our health insurance and we needed the SSN to finish the application. Then I noticed that his middle name is misspelled on the card – it now begins with an ‘I’ instead of a ‘T’. BIG DIFFERENCE.

So I call Social Security’s 800 number and talk to someone rare in a bureaucracy – someone with a sense of humor and who was truly apologetic that we have to go through the hassle of fixing their mistake. But then the all important question came up – is his name spelled correctly on his birth certificate?

Sooo, I order a copy of his birth certificate online for the regular fee plus an expedited fee plus a shipping fee to get it next week. I am praying that it is correct, because if it isn’t, guess who gets to fix THAT, too? Yes, lucky us!

We need the birth certificate to prove his age for Social Security, and we should have a copy anyway. But this is just exasperating. I’ll keep everyone updated on how this turns out. In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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