Time to make some history

The Mariners have only formally retired one number from use in their history – that of Jackie Robinson, number 42. Every major league team retired that number some years ago, during the 50th anniversary of Robinson’s breaking of baseball’s color barrier.

In my opinion, it’s time to retire some more numbers. The Mariners have been a major league team since 1977, and we have some history now. The team should recognize that and formally acknowledge the guys who have made the M’s a better team over the years. Here is my list of what numbers to retire:

#21 – Alvin Davis. He was the M’s first-ever Rookie of the Year in the 80’s. They called him “Mr. Mariner.” If he played for another team, I don’t remember it. He is remembered fondly by fans, and it would be appropriate to start with him.

#4 – Harold Reynolds. He’s gone on to quite a career as a color commentator on ESPN, and every year he coaches one of the celebrity softball teams during the All-Star Game festivities. They all wear the hat of their favorite team. Harold always wears a M’s cap and number 4. Let him keep that forever.

#10 – Dave Valle. He was traded away to Texas in the early 90’s, but now does color commentary on the radio for the M’s. His involvement with the organization to this day, plus his being a fan favorite, should earn him a retired number.

#19 – Jay Buhner. The worst deal the Yankees ever made was to trade Buhner away to the M’s. Even they acknowledge that. “Bone” was one of the most popular players ever, plus he had great events like Buhner Buzz Night and his own “Boneyard” out in right field. 1995 would not have been possible without him. The M’s have honored him before – time to do it again.

#11 – Edgar Martinez. This guy was the Mariners’ heart and soul, and is loved by every fan. Heck, they named part of the street that Safeco Field sits on “Edgar Martinez Drive”!! The DH award is now named after him. He was classy, professional, and humble. There should be a statue of him in front of Safeco. He will be in the Hall of Fame. Let’s start with his number out in left field.

#6 – Dan Wilson. The best catcher the M’s have ever had, and a really great guy. When this season is over and he retires, this should be the first honor that he gets.

#16 – Lou Piniella. Yes, I know that Lou is the manager of the Devil Rays now. But no one else can ever be “the” manager of the M’s in the minds of fans. We came to watch him throw bases, we stayed to watch him win games. When he retires from baseball, he’s going to be in the Hall of Fame – let’s make sure the M’s put him in theirs first.

Anyone listening out there who knows anyone in the Mariner front office?

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