Weekend Update

We had a very full weekend around here.

Saturday we piled into the car and did a day-trip visit to the Webmaster’s parents and grandmother. Lucky me got to do all the driving, since the way the carseats are currently configured, I am the only one who is short enough to drive.

We so need a minivan.

The visit was a big success, capped off by the Seahawks’ 20-10 win over the Washington Redskins. We had some nervous moments there in the first quarter, especially when Shaun Alexander left the game with a concussion, but the latest reports are that he will be ready to play in the NFC Championship game.

Back to the visit… it was good to let the Webmaster’s grandmother see the kids again. She is still in stable health, but is admittedly very frail. The Munchkin loves playing with her walker. Baby Boy gave her some wonderful smiles and showed off his rolling-over skills.

And the kids were just absolute champs on the drive down and back. Gold stars all around. They were fantastic. However, Baby Boy made us pay for it – he woke up twice during the night, once at 3:30 and again at 6. He had napped too much in the car and was ready to be up and playing. Then he took little cat-naps (as is his MO) all day Sunday. Hopefully we have got him back on his regular schedule.

Sunday morning, the Munchkin woke up dry. Her diaper was not wet. I hustled her off to the bathroom and plopped her down on the toilet.

She was not thrilled with it. “No, Mommy, up, up,” she whined.

“Would you like some juice?” I asked. Hey, I’m not above bribery.

She immediately ceased whining and considered my proposal thoughtfully. She then made a counter-proposal. “Cookie?” she asked.

I agreed to juice and a cookie (which was really an animal cracker). I went to fetch them, and by the time I came back, she had peed in the potty.

Animal crackers all around! A Sunny Delight toast! Three cheers for the Munchkin! I wiped her off and told her what a big girl she was and how proud I was of her. Later, she got the fun of telling her Grandma, Gichan, Auntie, and her other aunts over the phone about her big accomplishment.

She also told Friend and Doc, who immediately pointed it out to the Brain. “See, Brain, isn’t the Munchkin a big girl, using the potty?” Doc pointed out. The Brain was unimpressed. He was too busy checking out the new Christmas and birthday toys that have appeared at our house since his last visit.

So that was the Munchkin’s big accomplishment for the weekend. We’ll see if she can pull off a encore performance anytime soon.

Baby Boy had a big “first” on Sunday as well – solid food! We gave him his first serving of rice cereal (thinned down considerably with breast milk). He seemed to really enjoy chewing on the nice coated spoon, and was definitely all about getting that spoon in his mouth, and while he didn’t reject the food I got the impression that he really didn’t care about it so much. And after urping a couple of times, I’m not sure how much cereal actually stayed in him. Still, it’s a beginning.

They are sure growing up fast. Potty training and solid food. Big stuff.

An update on the Munchkin’s cabin fever – we have decided on swimming classes (parent/child ones at a local pool owned by the school district that we live in) this spring. Meanwhile, I’m going to be scheduling some play dates with friends her age (other than the Brain and Head), and we’ll see how that goes. We’ll keep her social calendar full and then maybe she’ll not only wear herself out during the day, but she’ll learn better sharing skills, too. One can hope, right?

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