Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and all I have for the Webmaster is a card!

I keep asking him what he wants and I’m not getting any definitive answers out of him. “A full night’s sleep” isn’t exactly something that I can pick up at Costco. “A visit to Wal-Mart’s gun counter” means a visit to Wal-Mart (and have I mentioned that I really don’t like our local Wal-Mart very much? It’s always so overcrowded, and forget going there on my own with two kids). We are going out to dinner, having secured Auntie’s babysitting services for the evening, but it is a school night, so we can’t be out late. We’re not even sure exactly where we’re going to dinner, but so long as we don’t have company in a highchair, it’ll be a treat even if it’s Wendy’s.

So, any suggestions? I don’t want to get anything dad-related (saving that for Father’s Day), and I just don’t want to consult the Amazon wish list. I can order something and tell him that it’s on the way and that would be fine with him. But since I won a nice supplementary set of my silver on eBay, which now counts as my Valentine’s Day gift, I really do want to get something equally nice for him.

If you’ve got any ideas, leave it in the comments. But nothing too elaborate, and overnight getaways without the kids are not practical at the moment. IfI can’t come up with something (or get help thinking of something), I am really going to owe him.

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