Now I have something to complain about…

The kids are incapable of giving us a full night of sleep at the moment.

We were comfortable in bed when Baby Boy started up. Because of his teeth, he’s been waking up sometime between 1 and 2 am each night. One of us goes in there to cuddle him, and that’s all that it takes to get him settled back down.

Then, at a quarter to 5, he decided to wake up again, and this time he was hungry. Even though it was mega-early, he hadn’t eaten since 10 pm. So I nursed him and he crashed in bed with us.

At a quarter to 6, the Munchkin comes into our room and wakes up the Webmaster. She has yet another bloody nose. And yes, it is all over her pajamas, her pillow, and her sheets. The Webmaster finally gets her nose to stop bleeding, and we take the sheets off the bed – miraculously, the mattress pad is unscathed. So we just let her sleep on that. I got out a clean pillow – which she promptly sneezed a bloody wad of snot onto. After cleaning that up, swabbing her nostrils with Neosporin, and turning on her music for her, she went back to sleep. I had the Webmaster even move Baby Boy back to his crib so that we could all get some more sleep.

7:30 – Baby Boy wakes up. The Webmaster gives him to me, and he snuggles back down to sleep. However, the noise has stirred up the Munchkin, and she is now awake. The Webmaster starts getting ready for work, and the Munchkin goes to play with her toys.

9 am – I get up, finally, and since the Webmaster is staying late at work today, he’s going in later than usual. I get the Munchkin started on breakfast (blueberry yogurt, toast with strawberry jam, and milk), and start soaking all the bloodied laundry. Baby Boy wakes up around 9:30 and gets his diaper changed, and breakfast around 10. The Munchkin gets to watch Sesame Street.

So, here we are. The Munchkin is still in the thralls of Elmo, Baby Boy is sitting in the highchair, snacking on Cheerios after eating his oatmeal-and-pears breakfast, and I have a load of jeans in the wash, and sheets soaking in cold water and ammonia.

How’s your morning going?

One Response to “Now I have something to complain about…”

  1. Deanna
    March 29th, 2006 12:47

    Hi from another Deanna!

    I followed you here from the blogfathers site. I was lucky enough to have met MIM (just yesterday!), and she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I think I have ever met.

    My real reason for visiting though, is to tell you that a peroxide or oxyclean soak will get the blood out if the ammonia doesn’t. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog!

    Deanna (in Calif)