The Pancake Chronicles

Messy eaterA guest post by the Munchkin.

Hi, guys! I’m the Munchkin. And if Mommy let me have a blog, this would be the name of it. I love pancakes. Actually, I love most breakfast foods. But I really really really love pancakes.

Mommy makes them for dinner for me about once a week. We usually have sausages, too. I like sausages. And ketchup. Does anyone else out there drink ketchup? I like to. Especially somewhere that they give it to you in those nifty little plastic cups, or where you pump your own ketchup into little paper cups. But I digress…

Now, I don’t like anything in my pancakes. Mommy made them on Monday with blueberries in them. Daddy really liked them, but I didn’t. Fortunately, Mommy was smart and made some without blueberries in them for me. The only fruits I really eat are bananas and applesauce, and occasionally pears (but only if the Brain and Head are eating them, too). Mommy called me a “purist” – whatever that means. I like maple syrup, though. I don’t think Mommy puts enough of it on my pancakes, but I know better than to ask for more.

The best part about a pancake dinner is that Mommy always saves the leftovers for my breakfasts. She doesn’t let Daddy eat them. And I can eat a lot of pancakes. I can easily eat three at dinner, and another two for breakfast. I like breads. Mommy knows this and if there aren’t pancakes, there are muffins. My personal favorite are the Lemon Pound Cake ones. But if there aren’t muffins, and there aren’t pancakes, I at least get a slice of toast with lots of jam.

Sometimes, Mommy makes waffles. These are pretty good, too, but they are crunchier. I prefer pancakes ’cause they’re softer. My Grandma has a Mickey Mouse waffle iron. It’s pretty cool.

Mommy has told me about this mythical place called an “IHOP” – she says that I would like it there. They make pancakes as big as my head, and have warm maple syrup, too. I say, LET’S GO, ALREADY!!

In the meantime, let’s make some muffins. I want to be the helper! Gotta go, but I’ll have to do this again!

Thank you very much.
The Munchkin

3 Responses to “The Pancake Chronicles”

  1. linda
    May 4th, 2006 08:56

    How Delightful, Muchkin, to hear from you!
    We like pancakes too! Try Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup! My favorite! IHOP is one of my favorite restaurants with an assortment of syrups to experiment with on your pancakes and our coffee!
    Ask your Great Grandma how your Great Great Grandma like to eat jam or jelly on bread or toast! Whenever she visited, we made certain to have an assortment of sweets to spread on her toast, one BIG teaspoonful per bite!
    many hugs to a beautiful young lady!

  2. DozeyMagz
    May 5th, 2006 12:57

    I hope you get lots and lots of pancakes! Thank you for the lovely post!

  3. Deanna’s Corner » Blog Archive » No, I’m not sleeping well. How about you?
    November 9th, 2006 02:47

    […] This is why I posted a single picture yesterday. I am beat. And the Munchkin will not eat, which is driving me insane. Her best meal is lunch, when all she wants is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but I don’t mind that, because she’ll actually eat it. I have lost count of the number of bananas she’s taken a single bite out of, and then declared, “No, I can’t like this,” after begging me for one. (Yes, she does like bananas, but they have to be handed to her whole and in the peel. She will not eat a broken banana, and neither will she eat a part of what I cut up for Tad.) Tad, in the meantime, is matching her bite for bite and more. Example: I made pancakes for dinner last night in the hopes of tempting her appetite. We all know how much she loves pancakes. She ate half of one and three bites out of a banana, plus about a half a cup of milk. Tad ate two whole pancakes and a whole banana, and nearly a full sippy cup of milk. Did I mention that he’s completely healthy now? […]