The Pancake Chronicles, continued

A guest post by the Munchkin.

Hi, guys! The Munchkin here. I just need to vent about my little brother. He is really getting on my nerves!

He’s trying to walk. He hasn’t actually managed to yet, but Mommy and Daddy are just anxiously watching him every time he stands alone and lunges. And I’m thinking, BIG DEAL!! I can run! I am trying to stand on my head! I can sing the alphabet song, and you’re watching HIM?? Please.

Also, he is starting to drink from sippy cups. Now, I have moved on to regular big kid cups at meals, but I still have my juice sports bottle. And he’s always trying to drink out of it! That’s mine! He’s got his own cup, but he’s constantly after my juice! And if I, um, accidentally shove him over when I take it away from him, isn’t that his fault for messing with my stuff in the first place? Why am I the one who’s being told to “be nice to the baby”?

But there are still things that he can’t do. For example, I helped Mommy make cookies last night. We made gingersnaps for the police and firefighters in our city. Our church does this once a month, and it is our turn this month. But Mommy made a triple batch, so there were some leftover for us. Daddy was watching baseball and the baby while I wore my apron and helped Mommy add the ingredients and stir. She keeps telling me that I can’t eat the cookies before they’re baked, though. I don’t know what the big deal is.

Baby Boy also doesn’t sit still for stories. I like books. Mommy read me Sylvester and the Magic Pebble last night. I wanted to read another book, but Mommy said it was late and she had to finish up the cookies, so she rubbed my back for a little bit and turned on my Star Wars soundtrack CD. I like Star Wars.

But I think the baby’s trying to catch up with me. He’s definitely moving in on my turf. Mommy made pancakes and sausages for dinner last night. I had three pancakes and a sausage. But then Mommy started giving the baby pieces of pancake! And he ATE THEM!!! No one asked me if he could do that!! Just because he’s nine months old now and Mommy says he can have eggs and he’s got seven teeth now doesn’t mean that he can start eating my pancakes!! What’s next, ice cream??

Um, Mommy, what do you mean by “yes”?

Apparently, my ice cream is in danger. Who told him he could grow up, anyway? Gotta go – he’s trying to turn off the TV again and I’m trying to watch Sesame Street! I will post again sometime soon!

Thank you very much.
The Munchkin

2 Responses to “The Pancake Chronicles, continued”

  1. Deanna (Domestic Chicky)
    May 24th, 2006 22:42

    I LOVED this post! My lil dood is going thru the same woes. He’s taken to calling himself the baby and Cameron the big boy. I feel so bad for him sometimes, but he does love his little brother, especially since Cameron thinks he’s the greatest thing EVER!

  2. DozeyMagz
    May 25th, 2006 02:41

    Hi Munchkin, Mophead here.
    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m totally with you on this one. We Big Sisters must stick together. My little sister, Dustbunny, gets away with loads of stuff that I get shouted at for doing – you know, dropping stuff on the floor, spilling juice, leaving my toys lying around etc etc. Huh!
    Mind you, I guess little siblings have got their good points too I suppose… I do love to play with Dustbunny and hug her and give her lots of baba kisses and stuff – and I like to share her toys… although she seems to want to share MY toys too, which I’m not too keen on…! Never mind, I guess it’s pretty cool to be a Big Sister after all….
    Luv N Hugz
    PS – Tell him to stay away from YOUR pancakes though!!!