Beat the heat

We managed to survive yesterday, but it wasn’t easy. The heat outside made it nearly impossible for the kids to be outdoors until late, and while there were plenty of things to do inside, it got to be kind of stifling. Eventually, though, we got the fans going, and Baby Boy took a nice long nap with me in my bedroom, which has a ceiling fan.

To combat the continuing heat, the Webmaster has re-installed the portable A/C unit that we bought last summer in the living room. That machine saved my pregnant butt last summer, and made Baby Boy’s homecoming and first month much easier. It will make this summer a little easier on the kids and everyone else who comes over, too. My dream house has centralized heating and air conditioning. In the Northwest, you really only need A/C for maybe two months out of the year, but when you need it, it’s worth its weight in gold.

The up side of the hot weather was that I got two loads of laundry washed and out on the clothesline to dry. They were both hanging out there by 11 am, and I folded them all up and brought them in at 7:30 pm, crispy dry and smelling great. The Munchkin also got to run through the sprinkler in the backyard after dinner. We have so many tall trees in the backyard that by 4 pm, it is totally shaded, which makes it nice for post-nap playtime. We stripped the Munchkin naked and she shrieked and ran and got totally soaked. Baby Boy wasn’t so enamored of it – he didn’t like the sensation of being “rained on” and his sweet little face crumpled up and he began to cry. So he walked over to me and sat on my lap to watch his sister stick her bare bottom into the fountain spray of the sprinkler. Yes, we have video, but I won’t be posting it here.

The other major ongoing event is that the Munchkin pooped three times in the potty yesterday! She also earned enough stickers to redeem for a “special treat” – some more furniture for her dollhouse. This was a timely treat, because it kept her occupied for a while during the worst of the heat without having to resort to TV time. She had some quiet playtime in her room, and I kept Baby Boy out of her hair and playing with me in the living room until he got a bottle and she wanted some juice. Let’s keep the liquids coming, kids.

Today, the A/C will be cranked up after we run a few errands in the morning. The Webmaster’s birthday is Thursday, and the kids (wink, wink) want to get him something. What did I get him? Baseball tickets and babysitting for an evening out without the kids for Friday. Because I’m a loving, thoughtful wife, and I love baseball. 🙂

One Response to “Beat the heat”

  1. Mormondaddy
    June 27th, 2006 14:02

    I would trade you weather in a heartbeat. We’ve been in the 100-110 range here in Vegas for the past few weeks!