Happiness is cheap

Last week when I had the kids out shopping at the mall, the Munchkin found a penny on the floor in the lounge outside of the bathrooms. She was thrilled. “Mommy, I go throw penny in fountain?” she asked eagerly.

It was as simple as that: finding a penny and getting to toss it in the fountain made her happy.

We also went out to dinner the same evening. As we left, both the Munchkin and Baby Boy got a free balloon. They giggled all the way home, making their balloons “fight” by using them like lances in a jousting tournament.

In this time when we’re tightening our belts slightly to be prepared, just on the off chance, that the Webmaster can’t find a job once the severance pay is gone, it’s nice to know that the simple things still can make a kid smile just as brightly as the most expensive toy at Toys ‘R Us. Little kids just want you and your time and attention. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of that to go around.

And what would make me happy? Kids taking decent naps in the afternoon at the same time. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

One Response to “Happiness is cheap”

  1. Dopeydaddy at work
    July 27th, 2006 04:10

    Correct length naps at the correct time in the afternoon – you’re right, you’d need to be dreaming.