What day was today?

So, I just checked my driver’s license and it says that today is my birthday, and I’m still legal.

Good to know.

Actually, today is the 28th, and I’m turning… 28. This is very cool, in a geeky sort of way.

Incidentally, my 10 year high school reunion is happening next month. As a part of my birthday gift, the Webmaster is authorizing a release of funds for a new outfit for said party. Plus whatever else I feel I need to update my fall wardrobe. New jeans come to mind.

I have mixed feelings about my reunion, mostly related to my motivations for going. Unlike many other normal people, I did not date in high school. Mostly because the guys at my school who were decent and nice had already been snapped up, and because I was too busy keeping my grades up. Ergo, I do not have any ex-boyfriends to run into at this reunion. Neither do I have any mega-crushes to attempt to impress. I am hoping that some of my old friends who I lost touch with when we attended different colleges will be there. But, do I really need to add more people to my Christmas card list?

Also, I’m going with a husband, I have two small children, and a career in rubber stamps and blogging. I did not carry on with my chosen career of journalism, or even of teaching in Japan. Am I supposed to worry about my lack of accomplishments at the reunion? Strangely, I don’t really care. I’m happy as I am, I have a husband who loves me, and two healthy, bright kids who I love more than life. I feel successful. Will I still feel the same way by the time the party’s over?

In the meantime, must maintain figure and attempt to tone up abs with sit-ups, as middle shows evidence of bearing two children without a C-section. Now that I’m no longer breastfeeding, I can no longer indulge myself in the excuse of “the pounds just melt away with the milk!” So I must keep my sugar consumption under control for at least the next month, because my sweet tooth is my weakness.

But today, screw the diet. I want a quart of Starbucks’ Java Chip ice cream to myself. Because it’s my birthday, and I want it.

Sit-ups commence again tomorrow.

6 Responses to “What day was today?”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    September 28th, 2006 06:41

    Happy Birthday, Ane! I miss you!

    Here’s a clothing tip about the reunion: If the sit-ups haven’t hit full potential, a fool-proof outfit is a black, knee-length, wrap (or mock-wrap) dress, I like the ones with a Johnny collar (a collar that goes partially down the length of the neckline) and 3/4 sleeves (but go with the sleeve-length you can find/are comfortable with). This style of dress hits all the right notes: black slims, the shirring at the waist makes you look more hourglass, the v-neckline looks deep doesn’t have to be (depending on cut), the right sleeve-length will cover what you want to hide, knee-length or just above is a perfect length (too short is revealing and juvenile, too long can make the legs look short, floor-length is too formal).

    Pair with the dress, pretty heels (the taller the heel, the straighter you’ll stand and the slimmer your legs will look). You don’t even have to wear black heels, burgundy, red, or dark green would look good too, especially if you have a cute handbag that matches or coordinates with them. If a different colored shoe is too daring, just go with a different colored handbag, it will keep you from looking monochromatic and if you think it’s distracting you can set it down when you talk or make the Webmaster hold it (this night is for you, after all).

    Go with a small handbag, such as a clutch, packing the essentials (ID, credit card, cash, pictures of kids to show off, lipstick/gloss, powder, eye drops – for us contact lens wearers) don’t bother with a wallet, just remember to put the ID and credit card back in later. A larger bag (the size of a breadbox or bigger) will weigh you down literally and visually (we’re going for lightness/easiness). Plus, this is one of the few nights you don’t have to carry the diaper bag, so go light just because you CAN!

    If you only have black heels and/or a black clutch, then accessorize! Okay, accessorize even if you DO have the colored heels and bag. This is the time to wear your favorite and/or best stuff. Break out the diamonds! Go for sparkle. If you really like pearls better, then by all means wear them, feeling comfortable is important. Definitely wear a necklace that stays close to the neck, but I wouldn’t go as far as a choker (those are a bit “teenager-at-prom” right now). I wouldn’t wear a pendant (unless the chain is very short) because that drags the eyes down and it won’t frame the face as nicely at as necklace with stones all around the front. If you’re wearing your hair down – which I assume you are – wear small studs or small two-stone designed earrings (say a round-cut over a pear-cut). When you hair moves, a little sparkle will peak through. Dangly earrings in long hair just end up a tangled mess. If you like, you can put a simple/subtle hair comb or clip (it can have some stones if you want) in your hair to pull back one side so you don’t spend lots of time flipping or tucking your hair and also to show your face (and at least one earring.). Wear a sparkly bracelet on your right wrist (to offset the wedding rings on your left) and ditch the watch for the night. If you feel that your dress is too plain, here’s where you can dress it up: Pin a broach on your waist where the wrap ends (on the side), it will add sparkle to your middle and dress up your outfit.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll do this anyway, but as a reminder: Make sure your hair is soft and flowing. This makes your look seem effortless. Nothing screams, “I spend hours and a lot of money preparing for this!” than a stiff up-do. Keep your makeup soft, too – no harsh lines! Your skin is pretty clear and lineless so if you need to cover anything, do that first. Make your eyes the emphasized feature. You can go a little bolder/darker on the eyes than usual if it’s an evening event, but remember to blend, blend, blend! Use a dark green shadow in the crease and above the lash line to make a sideways “V” on the outer half of the eye to accent the green in your eyes. Curl your lashes and swipe on black mascara, remembering to wiggle the brush side-to-side to distribute evenly. Use a lengthening formula, and if you make your lashes fuller, go ahead and do a coat of that first. Apply blush after the eyes (if you do it before the eyes you could find that you’ve done too much blush, after the eyes you’ll know just how much you need or don’t need). Go with a soft pinky mauve color, a good choice for your skin to give you a happy flush. Make lipstick the same shade or slightly darker, then put on shimmery, but not frosty, gloss on.

    Take a picture and send it to me!

  2. Juliet
    September 28th, 2006 08:10

    Happy birthday! Your card’s in the mail, honest.

    I’m going to keep LCM’s fashion advice in mind for whatever reunion I manage to attend, which will probably be Justin’s, next summer. Not that I need to impress anyone, but it’ll make Justin look good if he has a hot wife. 😉

    By the way, what’s up with class reunions in October? My 10th was too. As if I needed any less incentive to attend. I was across the country and in school. Okay, technically I had a reading break that weekend, but I used the free time to visit my fiance.

    Treat yourself to some nice new clothes, not just for the reunion but in general. I would totally love to go shopping with you, if only I were there.

  3. Linda
    September 28th, 2006 08:27

    Happy Birthday, Deanna!
    We wish you a beautiful day filled with many happy moments to Treasure! (Your e-card should already have arrived!)
    As for the Class Reunion, George and I never attended any of ours! Our lives today are more precious than those awkward and often embarrassing times!
    You have so very much to be proud of and to brag about! Take your handsome and loving husband and let the others be a ‘bit green with envy’!
    Happy 28th! We love you!

  4. Domestic Chicky
    September 28th, 2006 13:27

    Happy Birthday Deanna!!!!!

    I concur with the wrap dress advice..Very flattering.


    Hugs & Kisses,
    The (other) Deanna

  5. Captain
    September 28th, 2006 21:22

    I did not realize it was your Golden Birthday. Happy Golden Birthday, 28 on the 28th. Now back on that treadmill!!!

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