My new favorite word: Stretch

Today is the big day! Dum-da-dum-DUMM!!! Ten year high school reunion, tonight!

I am nervous, because I am anticipating the thing being a total bust, unfortunately.

The Webmaster discovered that someone from the class created a MySpace page for the reunion, and the people posting on it are not people that I really knew. I knew of them, but they were not friends. I’m hoping that the 29 posts on the MySpace blog do not constitute an actual majority of the people who are planning to attend. That, and they decided that one of my former classmates, who is a stand-up comedian who has actually worked in Hollywood (one movie and several commercials) and has a stand-up routine that was shown on Comedy Central, will be the emcee for the evening. Yeah. Great. I remember his routine at senior breakfast ten years ago. There were exactly two funny lines in the whole thing. And the Webmaster recently pulled up a video stream of a routine from his MySpace page, and nothing has changed, except that he can now use profanity in his stand-up, which he wasn’t able to do in high school. There were exactly two funny lines in it. I counted.

I am hoping against hope that some people that I actually would like to see will show up to the reunion. Since I know at least 100 people RSVP’ed, there’s a good chance that I will. So, I will think happy thoughts and go with a smile on my face. Because, even after tonight, I’ll still be in contact with the friends that I had while I was in high school that valued our friendships enough to keep them going for ten years.

But I will be dressed my best for a casual night out! After a visit to Eddie Bauer Outlet (one of my favorite stores to shop at), I now own another pair of jeans and three pairs of casual pants. I have embraced my inner petite (meaning that I completely and fully acknowledge that I have short legs and a long waist), and I was amply rewarded with many choices in size 8 petite pants and jeans. I am still getting used to the whole “sits slightly lower than waist” deal, but there is no denying that these new jeans and pants fit me better and flatter my two-child figure. And I found a couple of nice shirts and sweaters, one of which I have chosen to wear for the party. I am debating about the pullover V-neck brown sweater that I picked to go with it. I might get too warm. But I love the look of it. I am trying to banish the mommy-frumpiness that had invaded my wardrobe, and trying to regain a modicum of style. I want to look nicely put together when I leave the house. I put so much time and effort into making sure the kids look nice that I figure that I should make a better effort on myself, so we can match.

Anyway, the jeans and pants. Stretch is the word, people. It’s amazing what a couple percentage points of Lycra will do to all that cotton thread. In a word, forgiveness. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, I am dressed to be casual, but not too casual. My mother and Auntie are coming over to baby-sit. I need to iron the Webmaster’s shirt and my own. I am recharging the camera as I write. I am keeping an open mind about this.

Wish me luck, and I promise to tell all of you how it went on Monday!

3 Responses to “My new favorite word: Stretch”

  1. Dozeymagz
    October 27th, 2006 04:17

    Hope you have a great time! Even if it turns out there aren’t many people you’d like to see, you’ll still be all dressed up, looking great and having a lovely night out with the Webmaster! You deserve it – enjoy!

  2. Little Cousin's Mommy
    October 27th, 2006 07:26

    Have fun! But if it does turn out to be a flop, at least you looked nice. And your welcome for the fashion advice on stretch denim! 😉

  3. Juliet
    October 27th, 2006 08:58

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to your description of your reunion, since I’ve never been to one.