More to come later

Me = very tired
Turkey = very good
Munchkin = not understanding what “if you don’t eat dinner, you will not get dessert” means
Tad = starting to catch Munchkin’s cough; not interested in pie, but will throw food on floor when done
Belle = cute, cute, cute
Being personal shopper for grandmothers = a pleasure to do business with
Must make = blueberry cheesecake for Saturday
Must go = meeting tonight for Stampin’ Up (really, this was the only time that worked for most people)
I promise to post when I’m slightly more coherent, have pictures (we are having yet even more issues with Picasa, but thankfully everything was backed up this time), and have gotten some of my immediate to-do’s accomplished.

Goal = find parking at store today when running errands

One Response to “More to come later”

  1. Dozeymagz
    November 24th, 2006 04:03

    No wonder you are tired!
    Get some sleep!