The promise of insanity

Yes, I survived the “no-TV” morning. Just barely.

The kids were beating on each other so much that I decided to spend a little gas going to Target. So, I packed them up and headed off. That shopping trip went pretty well, so the kids got to each pick out a treat – Ane picked out a Cinderella coloring book and Tad chose a Lightning McQueen medium-sized beach ball. They were pretty pleased with themselves, so I decided to take an additional trip to Michaels. I’m trying to get caught up on my photo (non-scrapbook) albums (I’m all the way up to July 2006! I’m a little behind.), so I wanted to go pick up an extra photo album.

We were just browsing through the store, and I decided to flip through the art prints and see what was available. And then Ane found a Disney princess print. It had Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle on it – each with a horse (Cinderella was just sitting on a generic white horse, Sleeping Beauty was with Prince Phillip’s horse, and Belle had her horse, Phillippe), and if ever Ane wanted something, she wanted this picture.

It was pretty inexpensive ($6) considering its size (16 x 20), but there was no Michaels ad this week, so no 40% off coupon, and frames were not on sale either. I was still considering it when Ane decided to start acting up and was deliberately knocking stuff over. I told her that was enough, and put the print back in the rack.

Ane proceeded to have a grand mal temper tantrum – screaming, crying, hanging onto the cart and refusing to let me move toward the checkout counter, and by the time I was actually at the counter buying my things, she was on the floor screaming and kicking. But she lost, and we went straight home. She was yelling and crying in the car, but by the time we got home she had calmed down enough to eat her lunch. I even called my mother to get a good giggle out of what happened (strangely, I was not embarassed by her behavior – typical 3 year old tantrum territory – I was more pleased with myself for not caving in to her), and Ane asked to talk to Grandma. “Grandma, I have temper tantrum,” she told her. “But I didn’t have the gimmies.”

After naps, the TV went on again. Thank You, Lord.

And I am completely and totally baby-sitter-less for tomorrow night – we are supposed to be going to the Mariners game. Anyone out there available?

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