Up to my eyeballs in Christmas

Tree purchased? Check. Decorated? Nope. I tested the tree lights last night and three out of five strands need replacing. One more thing to get at Target today.

Christmas picture for cards taken? Check, with the usual havoc that always goes with trying to get Tad to sit still and smile for a picture. Christmas letter written? Check, with one last proofreading session to do before getting 80 copies. Christmas cards finished? Nope. I’m more than halfway there, but I’m still plugging away. It was so much easier to just buy cards, but now people expect me to be all crafty.

Cookies made? Nope. I’m going to make my traditional Christmas staples – fudge, butter spritz, gingerbread men (and maybe even a batch of gingerbread bears) and peppermint snowballs, but I want to find a new cookie to make. Have I had time to look for a new cookie recipe? Nope.

Music playing? Check. Tad is listening to The Nutcracker Suite at bedtime, while Ane has been opting for A Sesame Street Christmas. John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together is playing in the car. (And a side note… Ane is sleeping through the night again after about a week and a half of the waking-multiple-times-a-night deal! Hallelujah! However, she seems to be on the verge of giving up her afternoon nap… almost. It depends on the day. But we are just grateful for unbroken sleep here.)

Roof done? Um, no. We were having our roof replaced and they got started Friday afternoon, got almost half done and were planning on finishing it on Saturday… and then it snowed. Four inches, right on top of half-new roof, half-old roof. Fortunately, it’s all melted away with the heavy rains that followed. So, I have no idea when our roof will be done and the giant dumpster will leave the driveway.

Christmas shopping done? Almost! I have a list of odds and ends to pick up, mostly stocking stuffers, with one or two under-the-tree gifts left to get. We are DONE shopping for the kids, thankfully, except for a few things for the stockings. I’m even done shopping for Ane’s birthday, seeing as she’s only getting a couple of things, due to the large toy in the backyard being half her birthday gift as well as Tad’s.

House decorated? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Anyone else out there feeling the pressure yet?

2 Responses to “Up to my eyeballs in Christmas”

  1. Cousins' Mommy
    December 3rd, 2007 05:58

    Lots of Christmas pressure in Texas! There will be no picture for our Christmas cards this year. I may get Oddball to put a couple pictures in the Christmas letter. But don’t count on something to put on the fridge. The cards, however, are done!

    No snow, no decorations of any kind up. I can’t do it during the week, Oddball doesn’t want to miss out. Maybe next weekend.

  2. Secha
    December 4th, 2007 04:17

    I’m feeling it for sure!! i went to go shopping on Sunday, the boyfriend and I ventured out to the mall that’s really far away, and one we generally go to twice a year… and of course what happens as soon as we get there? I start to feel sick. /sigh. So we had to turn around and go back home.

    I’m glad to hear Ane’s sleeping better!! And The Nutcracker has the best music, ever. =)