A family trip

I think that we’re pretty fortunate to live somewhere that has interesting/education/fun things for families to do. As the kids get older, I plan on taking advantage of that. And one cool thing that Seattle-area museums do is called the First Free Thursday – meaning admission to most museums are free for all that day.

Well, we had planned on going to the Museum of Flight last Thursday… only to find out that they observe the First Free Thursday from 5 to 9 pm. I had already convinced the Webmaster to take the day off, so we weighed our options. Since children 4 and under were free, and we had a “buy one, get one free” admission coupon in the Entertainment Book, we decided to go for it.

And here are the pictures to prove it.

There were some really fun exhibits – Ane loved the one on space flight. But what really won her heart was the kids’ Blue Angels Flight Simulator. It even has a little rollaway ladder that the kids use to get in and out – just like a real plane! Tad was green with envy, and quite disappointed… because you had to be at least 3 years old to do it.

Ability to follow directions were also important, but that’s a side issue…

Tad got to try out one of his new favorite words – “ah-pane!”

The kids lost interest after a while, and there weren’t a lot of kid-oriented things to do. But they held up really well and put up with us pretty well.

Ane liked the World War II wing, because there were lots of buttons to push and knobs to turn. Notice that Dolly also came along for the field trip.

The museum has several planes outdoors as well – including a British Airways Concorde and the 1950-1970’s era Air Force One, which you can walk through. Tad loved it. But the highlight for the Webmaster was getting to see this A-6E. The name below the cockpit is someone the Webmaster’s mother knew and went to school with. He was declared MIA in Vietnam. Eventually the wreckage of the plane was found, along with his co-pilot’s remains, but his never was. There was a memorial service a few years ago, shortly after Tad’s birth, which I believe Nana (the Webmaster’s mother) sang at. Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, this particular plane was placed some years ago as a tribute to these men, and the Webmaster had been anxious to see it for a long time.

The Webmaster got a model replica of this plane for his desk at work. Ane got a bouncy ball that looks like Earth (complete with fleecy clouds). Tad got a plane with a propeller that spins – which has been confiscated twice now for making it “fly” into his sister’s face. I got our requisite fridge magnet.

Next time we go to a museum, we’re gonna see some ART. That’ll really stimulate the kids! Actually, Ane thinks that what a museum should be, thanks to Olivia and Don’t Eat the Pictures.

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