Pray for us now, in the hour of our shopping

Say a prayer for me.

I am taking the kids, driving to Costco, and am going to be waiting there when it opens for the “regular” members. All this just to do my regular shopping – and pick up some things for my mom.

All I’m taking to Thanksgiving dinner is my now-perennially requested Pear Cranberry Sauce. I found this recipe about 7 years ago in Taste of Home and have been making it ever since. For a kid who grew up eating jellied cranberry sauce that comes out with the can rings molded on to it (and it was never sliced or anything – just take the serving spoon and carve yourself off a chunk), I have become a total cranberry sauce snob.

The recipe is available at Juliet’s and my long-neglected cooking and recipe blog, De Re Coquinaria.

Truthfully, I’m not sure how much of a zoo Costco will really be in the morning. I’m not going anywhere near it in the evening, when all of the last minute shoppers come out. And Friday? NO WAY. But we need milk. And eggs. And laundry detergent.

The kids’ biggest concern is whether or not they can convince me to spring for a churro. I just want to get out of there, with my groceries, in one piece.

Let us pray.

One Response to “Pray for us now, in the hour of our shopping”

  1. Dale
    November 26th, 2008 08:52

    Oh, can you pick up some olive oil and paper towels. We are low. Just Kidding. I ironically plan on being there today too but after Little J’s school, which makes it about 3pm. I think I am pushing it. Yikes. And I certainly have no plans on being there anytime over the weekend.