Going on a hike

Yesterday, before Friend and Doc and the boys showed up for dinner, Ane got Dolly dressed, put her into her carry backpack, and announced, “I am taking Dolly on a hike in the backyard. We will be back in time for dinner.”

“Have fun,” I told her.

She was back a minute later. “We’re not done with our hike, Mommy, I just forgot something, and then we’ll go.”

I made the Webmaster snap a picture of her before she set out on her hike with Dolly around the trees and the woodpile in the backyard, just so I could show everyone what she forgot to take with her the first time.

Going on a hike

Dolly’s on her back, even though you can’t see her in the picture. What Ane forgot is now clipped to her jean shorts pocket.

Clearly, her Jedi Padawan training has taught her to never forget your lightsaber when you go on a hike. You never know what you will run into.

One Response to “Going on a hike”

  1. Ressis
    July 20th, 2009 07:42

    Of course it’s common sense to take your lightsaber with you. Ane’s a hoot, I miss her.