One Year Since…

Barring anything totally catastrophic happening today, we have made it a full year since Tad broke his femur.

He’s come such a long way since then, and it’s amazing how his body has completely recovered itself. He hasn’t had a limp in months. His legs match each other in length. He runs, climbs, and pedals his bike without a care in the world – or the memory of six weeks in a Spica cast – to hinder him.

Tad may have forgotten it all, but trust me, his parents haven’t. And his sister still talks about it occasionally, too. It was a very traumatic event for all of us.

A year later, I’m glad that it’s in the past and he’s recovered so fully. Now, if we can just get him through the rest of the summer in one piece, I will be a very happy and relieved mommy.

One Response to “One Year Since…”

  1. Ressis
    July 24th, 2009 07:46

    It’s probably for the best that he doesn’t remember. We wouldn’t want him to have a fear of doctors or hospitals.