Gichan Speaks

We had dinner on Sunday evening at Grandma and Gichan’s house. Grandma had cooked a turkey, and Obachan was also coming over, so we had a very simple turkey dinner together. It was nice of Grandma to invite us, especially since we had given that turkey room and board in our freezer since Grandma bought it last Thanksgiving and had no room in her freezer. 🙂

Plus I made some baking powder biscuits for the dinner.

Tad barely touched anything except his biscuit and jam. Ane did better – though she has never been big on turkey. And when I began to pour gravy on her turkey, she flipped out and refused to eat any piece of turkey that even had a speck of gravy on it. At least I made sure her food wasn’t touching.

I don’t understand my children.

The biscuits were a big hit with Ane – of course, she’ll eat nearly anything with jam on it. She did manage to eat her gravyless turkey (and made a big deal out of it, of course, that she’d FINALLY eaten it), but she still had her mashed potatoes and corn (both things she likes) to eat. But she wanted another biscuit.

I told her no, she had to eat the rest of her food first before she could have another biscuit.

Gichan, who was well into his second plate, picked up another biscuit from the basket and said, “You’d better hurry up, Ane, or I’ll eat the rest of the biscuits before you’re done.”

Well, you’d better believe that goosed Ane pretty good. She began to eat – but she’s never been a fast eater, ever. And it wasn’t helped by Gichan getting another biscuit from the basket and telling her that there was only one left.

(There were three. He knew that.)

Frustrated, Ane shot her Gichan a dirty look and said, “Gichan, this is NOT a contest!”

(In her defense, she has heard this several times when it comes to eating – mostly in the context of the Brain and Head trying to finish their dinners before their brother does.)

This is my father that Ane is talking to. I’ve known him for over thirty years. I knew perfectly well what was coming next.

Gichan leaned in close to Ane. “You know who says that? Losers.”

Auntie and I exchanged a look. “I knew that was coming,” she said.

“Yup,” I replied.

Ane finally did finish her remaining mashed potatoes and corn – and then discovered that there were plenty of biscuits left. She took one and then offered Gichan another one. He politely declined. And thus ended the simple turkey dinner, which was so delicious that I invited myself over for a hot turkey sandwich yesterday for lunch after the kids came home from school.

Because I love turkey, even if my kids don’t.

3 Responses to “Gichan Speaks”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    October 13th, 2009 07:24

    Yum! Any more leftovers? Great blog! Now we see where you get your wise remarks.

  2. Ressis
    October 13th, 2009 08:08

    I miss Dad. So do my kids. Does Little Cousin have a picture of her mother in her room? No, but she has one of her Gichan. And who does Baby Cousin (who needs a new blog name as there are two other cousins younger than she is) always remember to bless in her bedtime prayers? Yup, Gichan. He has this power over them.

  3. Oddball
    October 13th, 2009 18:40

    Who does not need someone like Dad in their lives somehow? Hey he got Ane to eat, even though she may have lost. And Baby Cousin does need a new nickname, I call her “Little One” as a suggestion.