Tad celebrates Shark Week

Thanks to Gymboree, he can pretty much wear a different shark shirt every single day this week to celebrate.

Ane is point-blank sick of Shark Week already, and is questioning WHY the Discovery Channel is making life so hard for her.  After all, she lives in a perpetual version of Shark Week.

Tad just wants more shark documentaries – and he doesn’t want to hear survival stories, or about shark attacks.  More shark-only footage for him, please – preferably with seals being eaten.  He must be the only kid on earth who is cheering for the great white shark to eat the cute little seal, instead of hoping the seal will escape.

Shark Week will be topped off by his family birthday party on Saturday, which I made shark invitations for, and he will have a new shark T-shirt to wear and shark cupcakes to put five candles into.  FIVE.

My little boy… is not so little anymore.

One Response to “Tad celebrates Shark Week”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    August 4th, 2010 06:29

    What a cute picture. So happy Discovery is obliging him.