We could all take a lesson from Rerun.  He’s not going to let a little thing like a basket full of toys stand in the way of his favorite thing to mess with – the timer on the living room lamp.

This little boy has the gift of perseverance – no matter how many times we block it off, that timer makes the best spinning sound, and he is going to play with it.  This he swears… if he could talk.

So, if you are trying oh-so-hard to read some really long words in these chapter books that your first grade teacher is sending home for homework… or if you are having a difficult time with the concept of simple subtraction… or if lining up after recess is hard to remember to do every day… or if memorizing that Cubbies verse isn’t coming as easily this time… or if the place where you really wanted to work sounds like they may hire someone else, let’s all remember the lesson that Rerun has already learned at eight months old.

If you ignore the obstacles in your path and persevere onward toward your goal, you can achieve anything.  Even if your achievement is just spinning the timer on the living room lamp to hear the neat clicking sound that it makes.

3 Responses to “Perseverance”

  1. Ressis
    November 16th, 2010 05:58

    He is an inspiration to us all.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    November 16th, 2010 08:40

    Every series of photographs just gets cuter! Go, Rerun!

  3. Nana
    November 16th, 2010 12:24