Batman Birthday

Lest you have forgotten, and as Tad kept reminding us, it was his BATMAN birthday.

Once dinner was eaten and we were able to call the kids in, Tad was more than ready to tear into his presents.

The “Despicable Me” T-shirt was a gift from Auntie, who, once she saw it, knew her nephew needed it.

Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa added to Tad’s new Batman toys.  I’m really liking this particular line of toys – they are sturdy enough and chunky enough to be around Rerun, but detailed enough to please Tad.

Whenever Tad receives a new book, he always has to pause and flip through it.  His birthday parties are no exception to this rule.

Grandma and Gichan know what he likes.  This particular shirt glows in the dark.

Grandma and Gichan also know that sharks are still tops in Tad’s loves.  This is a 100-piece puzzle, and it got the biggest squeal when Tad opened it up.  He and I put it together on Sunday afternoon, and he won’t take it apart yet.

And there was not one…

… but TWO Batman backpacks.  The grey one is bigger and will go to school.  The smaller one will be great for going in the car, carrying the iPad and favorite books to therapy sessions.

Mama and Daddy also know what he likes.  I found these LEGO Batman pjs at Target months ago and managed to hide them until now.

Ane also knows what her brother likes.  She insisted on getting him a plush Angry Bird…

… and a pig.  This was his gift from her and Rerun, she said.  He loved them.

The cake was also a hit with Tad.  When he saw it, he sighed happily and said, “My Batman cake!”

There’s a story about this cake which I will tell tomorrow.  Tad, however, was completely thrilled with his cake.

And on this warm summer evening, ice cream cake was a hit with all the partygoers, but especially with the birthday boy.

It was a successful party, despite Rerun vomiting not once, but twice, in his highchair.  Fortunately the tray caught most of everything, but despite our wishful thinking that he’d just gagged on some baked Cheetos, he is really truly sick.  He and Tad and I stayed home from church yesterday, and he had two more episodes.  His spirits have been up and down, poor little guy.  We’re hoping that the worst of it is over, and he can start keeping more food down.

So, despite the sick, Tad thoroughly enjoyed turning six with family all around him.  He is one very happy boy.

2 Responses to “Batman Birthday”

  1. Ressis
    August 22nd, 2011 05:25

    It’s Tad’s uncle’s fault that our gift for him didn’t arrive on time.

  2. Handy Mom
    August 22nd, 2011 22:51

    We love those Fisher Price Imaginext toys, too. Amazingly, Benaiah hasn’t broken any of them yet and he is the ultimate toy tester. Even the oars on the pirate ship and the rotor blades on the helicopter are still undamaged!