Blue Like the Ocean

The painting is… DONE.

Although I’m wondering if it’s because I’m really satisfied with the job I’ve done, or if I’m just really sick of continually messing with the job I’ve done.  Either way, I’m calling the wall paint job finished.  The next step is to paint the already-primed molding that the Webmaster picked up this weekend (on the floor in the above picture), let it dry, and get it fitted and nailed down around the floor.

In the meantime, we’re starting to put hardware back on the walls!

And for a pretty good look at the shades of blue, I give you this picture:

It all feels so clean and bright.  And Tad keeps checking in on my progress.  “Mama, are you painting my room?” he asks.

Not anymore, buddy – it’s all done!

And it sounds like his new bed might be showing up on Saturday, so we are officially counting down the days to get this room finished off!

One Response to “Blue Like the Ocean”

  1. linda
    September 19th, 2011 07:32

    Wonderful! The room looks so inviting in Blue! Where are the shark decals?!
    And, are you available for contracting?! We need some painting and flooring repairs done here!
    hugs and love