Sunny Saturday

The weather this day was simply gorgeous.  We had discussed going to the zoo, but decided against it in favor of staying home and working on some outdoor chores.

Ane, who is working on earning some extra money for LEGOs, got a job from her father raking up tree debris in the backyard.

She took this job very seriously, because she had been told that if she did a good job, there was $5 in it for her.

She put in excellent effort, and between the two of them, Ane and the Webmaster filled the yard waste bin.  She earned that $5.

I offered Tad a quarter to sweep the back deck, but he was… preoccupied.

There were lightsaber drills to run, after all.

And while he was at it, a little pretend cello practice.  He LOVES this video.

It was a teasingly beautiful day.

The forecast says it will rain next weekend, of course.

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