Death of a Cell Phone

I have had my clamshell LG cell phone for the last four years.  The earliest saved text on the phone was the Major’s announcement that Berry had been born.  (Berry turns 4 this coming Sunday.)  So, the phone was old, and was starting to develop some cracks and wiggles.

Then it fell out of my pocket yesterday while I was at lunch with Obachan and Rerun and died.  Well, it was mostly dead.  The bottom half of the clamshell was fine.  The top half – the one with the displays, and numbers, which would let me see what I was actually DOING – had died.  In that last tumble, it had pretty much been beheaded.  So, I had a phone which I could get calls and texts on, but I couldn’t read the texts or see who was calling me, and neither could I hear anything – but I could speak into the phone and have the person on the receiving end hear me.

As you can see, this was not a workable situation.

Grandma graciously volunteered to watch the kids so they would not tear up a Verizon store, and the Webmaster and I spent a full hour getting a new phone for me and recycling 9 old cell phones – yes, NINE – which included my high school graduation present from my aunt and uncle, a vintage 1996 AT&T Go phone.  This caused so much hilarity among the staff at the local Verizon store that when we left, they had decided to keep it at the front desk for a while just to keep laughing at it.  The guy helping us, when I told him the year that I had gotten the phone, said, “Wow, I was six years old!”

I feel old now.

Anyway, I have a new clamshell phone – I have been very clear that I do not want a smartphone, mostly because I am surrounded by Apple gadgets anyway, plus I like being able to step away from the internet and not be connected all the time, everywhere.  Still, the new phone is nice, and it has one great advantage over the old one – it WORKS.

Maybe I can make it last for at least 4 years, too.

One Response to “Death of a Cell Phone”

  1. Ressis
    April 13th, 2012 03:37

    Embrace the Dark Side, get an iPhone.