Spring at the Zoo

The first day of spring break, and I decided that we should spend the morning at the zoo.  It would get us out of the house and into the nice sunny – but still mildly chilly – day, and give the kids something fun to do before Tad’s regular ABA therapy appointment.

Apparently, a few schools in the area had the same idea.  There were quite a few field trips converging on the zoo on Friday, too.

Still, we had a fun morning there.  It was nice enough to let Rerun do some walking on his own, instead of him being confined to the stroller.  Ane was a big help in keeping track of her little brother, too.

Tad insisted on seeing the penguins first.

The kids all enjoy seeing the penguins – I continue to be convinced that it is one of the best habitats that I have ever seen in a zoo.  And the Humboldt penguins are definitely not shy.

Even with my point-and-shoot camera, I can still get good pictures like this.

And this:

Easily the cutest picture I took all day.

The kids were enjoying themselves, and behaving reasonably well.

We then visited the day exhibit (formerly known as the reptile house), where Tad’s friends the dwarf crocodiles reside.  Rerun was super excited over what he called a “cat” that he saw up in a tree.

(Yes, the picture is blurry – it’s dark in there.)  The “cat” was actually a tree kangaroo.

However, “cat” is easier to say than “tree kangaroo” for Rerun.  I tried to tell him…

We walked through the rain forest exhibit and saw the jaguar and the ocelot (Ane loves the big cats), birds and snakes, then walked over to see the bears, who were in their pool and putting on quite a show for the onlookers.

The boys were thrilled, but Ane was a little worried that they might actually hurt each other.  When I reminded her that the bears are wild animals, and that these two bears are twin brothers and were just play wrestling with each other, she sighed disgustedly.  “Boys,” she muttered.  I snickered.

We wound up the morning in the family farm area, where Rerun was fascinated by a video of a baby chick hatching.  Ane was disappointed that the petting area isn’t open yet (it closes during the winter months), but the kids always enjoy playing on the tractor.

Rerun had done so much walking that, even though he didn’t want to leave, he didn’t make much of a fuss when we put him back in the stroller and headed back to the car for our picnic lunch before going to Tad’s ABA session.  Of course, Rerun didn’t bother to take a nap until after Tad’s appointment – by which time he was a completely overtired two-year-old.  Still, everyone slept well that night after having a full day with plenty of fresh air!

And my niece Berry is a big four-year-old girl as of yesterday!  Happy birthday, Miss Berry – we love you so much!

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