Go Outside!

The weather has been steadily improving, so I am kicking the kids outside more and more these days.

It’s actually working out really well.  Rerun is old enough to play out there with some supervision, Tad has gotten calm enough to play outside with minimal supervision, and Ane is mature enough to be the supervision.

Not that I’m completely ignoring them at all – I was outside blowing bubbles for a good 45 minutes after dinner for the kids to chase yesterday.  But then I was able to come inside and work on the kitchen and watch them from the window – because I’m fairly confident that if I stay within eye or ear shot, they won’t kill each other.

And Rerun LOVES being outside – and bubbles.  Once warm weather really shows up, I am sure that he will want to be living outside.  Outside is the best place to be, according to him.  So long as it doesn’t get super warm, I plan on accommodating him.

Ane has started riding my old bike, which is one size bigger than what she was riding.  I got that bike when I was eight, so it makes perfect sense.  Tad is getting so much taller and more coordinated that he probably needs a bigger bike of his own.  I can easily see Rerun hopping on the Cars trike that used to be Tad’s before too long.  There’s yet another outdoor activity for them – but I can’t turn them loose in the cul-de-sac by themselves.

Which is why the backyard is so great for me.  It’s totally fenced and they have plenty of space to run.

Go play outside, kids, and take the bubble wands with you.

One Response to “Go Outside!”

  1. linda
    April 19th, 2012 06:25

    Can I join in? Sounds like a Great time!