It Was A Happy Birthday

It was a normal Friday in the sense that I still had all my “normal” things to do.  Tad had ABA in the afternoon, so I picked him up from school, Rerun napped for an hour in the car, and I did a lot of driving.

But I cooked no meals all day (unless you count getting the kids breakfast, which was a special treat of mini cinnamon rolls from Costco), picked up pizza for dinner, and bought cupcakes at Trophy to celebrate with the kids and Grandma, who joined us for birthday pizza.

Even as Ane proved that she’s getting older – and has a social life – by ditching me on my birthday to go swimming with Little Mo (I teased her about this, but she assured me that she really did love me and would eat her cupcake later), I had a very relaxing day with those I love about me, and many people contacting me with cards and texts and emails and Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday.

And Tad helped me blow out a candle on my cupcake, because he really wanted me to have a candle.  And he and Grandma sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

Tad instantly wolfed down his Triple Chocolate cupcake (the boy is a confirmed chocoholic), while Rerun cheerfully demolished – though didn’t really eat – his cupcake.

We then proceeded to have a pretty low-key weekend.  There was laundry to do, and I got more birthday wishes, and Friend and Doc and the boys and Best Babysitter were over on Sunday evening for dinner.  Friend even made her yummy Kentucky butter cake for dessert and brought it over.

But, my birthday is now over, and it’s October 1st.  I guess it’s time to get some pumpkins!  Or, as Rerun calls them, “comppys.”  He’s got the syllables completely reversed, and it’s adorable.  I have to get him on video saying it.

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