Christmas Debrief – Part 2

The stockings that were hung… got filled.

The presents that had arrived in packages from other states… were finally placed under the tree.

And then… the kids slept in until 9 am.  ?????  Nope, I am not kidding.  We finally had to wake them up.  Ane, once she was awakened, dashed out of her room yelling, “I could barely sleep, I’m so excited!!!”

Is that why we had to turn on your lights and shake you awake, then???

Anyway, once conscious, they were excited.

The kids eagerly tore into their stockings to see what Santa had brought.  As you can tell from the above picture, Santa brought Rerun a plush red space Angry Bird, which he demanded before he would consent to sitting in his sister’s lap for a picture.  He was pretty good about unwrapping gifts without help, and of course, the older two needed no prompting.

Once the stockings were all opened (and time was ticking away – we had to get this show moving!), we opened the gifts under the tree.  Not only were there gifts from us, but also the gifts from Ressis and Oddball, and the Major and Q-Bee.

Ane got a lovely cross-stitched and beaded letter “A” angel from Auntie Ressis and Uncle Oddball.

Mommy and Daddy gave Rerun the Star Wars Angry Birds toys, and several new books.

Rerun got Cars Duplos from Auntie Ressis and Uncle Oddball.

Tad got a long-hidden TIE advanced fighter, complete with Darth Vader minifigure.

In addition to the red bird, Rerun’s siblings also gave him two more space Angry Birds.

Uncle Major and Aunt Q-Bee gave the older two Nerf guns.  The Major did a custom pink paint job on Ane’s gun, complete with her name and “Brother Defense Force” lettered on it.

By the time the gifts were opened and they had gotten absorbed in the playing with a few of them, the Webmaster and I told them they needed to get dressed and get a move on, because we had to pick up Obachan and get over to Grandma and Gichan’s… where there would be FOOD.  And more presents.  But first, before we left, we got our annual family picture in front of the tree.

And then we all hustled into coats and into the car.

… to be continued… after the New Year!

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