Flashback Friday

Not flashing back very far this week – only to this time last year, when we were snowed in and the kids missed 4 days of school.  Still, they had so much fun outside, Ane got to play with some friends who live nearby, and Rerun discovered how much he loved snow, so it wasn’t all bad.

This is also when Rerun had his snowball collection on the back porch.

It has been icy cold around here – we haven’t broken 40 degrees in something like 10 days during the day, and we easily get into the high 20’s at night.  It’s supposed to start warming up again, and then what little snow that did fall last weekend will finally melt away.

The kids are feeling ripped off.  They want at least one good snow day before winter is over.  Me, I’m fine without it.  Especially since my center of gravity has well and truly shifted.  I’m being careful in the icy conditions, I promise.

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