Growing Boy

Despite his ongoing moments of angst about the existence of his baby brother, Rerun has been growing in leaps and bounds in size, skills, and attitude.

Rerun really loves bubbles

He has been really working hard on the potty training, and as we did with Tad, he spends large parts of his day going “commando.”  This has made both of us (him and me) hyper-vigilant about his potty training.  However, with the “safety net” gone, Rerun began taking himself potty!  Step one complete – he knows when he needs to go.  Step two is to get him to take a Pull-Up or underwear off to use the toilet.

While I was out of the house yesterday with Thumper at a graduation open house, Rerun apparently did just that for his dad.  And then he did it again.

After it taking months and months to get Tad completely potty trained, it’s blowing my mind that Rerun is picking up on these cues so quickly.  I don’t expect him to have this down perfectly so soon, but I am really beginning to think that by the end of the summer, he really could be completely potty trained.

Of course, now he has also discovered that saying “I need to go potty!” is the PERFECT way to get out of going to bed.  However, he actually does go (not a lot) when he says this, so I guess we can’t complain.

However, we also discovered the other night that Rerun has nearly figured out how to climb out of his crib.

I guess we’re going to have to find a new home for all the Legos under the crib and bring the toddler bed back home for him.

And yesterday was my sweet niece Beth’s fourth birthday!  Happy birthday, Beth – we love you so much!

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