Big Brother, Baby Brother

Thumper was sleeping through the kids’ dinner, but as soon as Tad was awake, he could not resist the urge to nuzzle a fuzzy head.  Which woke the baby up.  So I told Tad that he needed to plant his bottom on the couch and hold his little brother while I finished my dinner, because he woke him up.

However, Thumper was fascinated by Tad and was staring straight at his face.  I had to keep telling Tad, “Look at the baby!  He’s looking right at you!  Look him in the eyes, Tad!”  And then Thumper took matters into his own hands.

Trying to get big brother's attention

I’ve never seen a baby so young make such an effort to get eye contact.

Look at me, Tad!

I had to keep prompting Tad to make eye contact with Thumper, but he eventually got a little annoyed with Thumper’s flailing hands.  Thumper has almost figured out what his hands do, but not quite yet.

Stop poking at me, Thumper.

Maybe the reason God gave Tad another little brother was to keep pushing him into the outside world.  And Thumper is definitely preoccupied with faces, and responding to friendly voices and smiles with his own smiles.  All good things.

Good job, Thumper.  Four months old, and already a practicing therapist.

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  1. Nana
    July 25th, 2013 05:56