Complain to the Chef

Thumper had his first taste of cereal on Saturday!  He was very excited about this new adventure.

Yay, I get to try the food!

Well, he was excited until he actually tasted the rice cereal.

Uh, what is this?

Then he wasn’t so excited.

Is this really food?

I think it wasn’t so much the texture – I had thinned it out quite a  bit with breast milk – but he thought the taste was funny.  And because he took so long to eat it, the cereal got cold.  He’s not used to cold food.

Stop it, I'm done now!

Next time, I will make it slightly thicker and make sure it’s plenty warm before trying again.  Still, it’s a big moment for my baby!  How did he get old enough to need solid food???

And I need to say a very special happy birthday to Little Cowgirl!  We miss you and wish you were here, sweetie!  Hugs and kisses from all of us!

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