Fourth Grade Stuff

Ane had her curriculum night last night, and we had the fun of making another “it’s a small world” connection.  Ane’s teacher was showing pictures of her family, when a slide of her oldest daughter and her family came up.  The Webmaster did a double-take, and then blurted out, “Hey, I know her!”  It turns out that the Webmaster and Mrs. P’s two oldest children were all in the same college group at church 15 years ago.

I really like Mrs. P, I like what they are going to be learning over the course of the year, and I think Ane will do well under her.

Then we got the results of Ane’s standardized tests from last year.

She aced the reading portion of the test – no surprise there.  She didn’t do so well in math.  I didn’t plan on talking about her scores with her, but she wanted to know what they were.  I didn’t give her numbers, but I stressed that she needs to make a better effort in math.  She promptly responded that “math is too hard.”  At which point I metaphorically kicked her butt.

Let’s just say that we’re going to be spending some extra time on math for a while.  But she is just like her father – she has an argument about EVERYTHING.  She lost this argument with me.

And my day hadn’t gone as planned at all… Tad threw a wrench in my day by breaking out in a bumpy rash on the back of his leg.  It looked suspicious enough to me that I called him in sick to school and got him to the pediatrician.  Fortunately, it’s nothing contagious, and I can send him back to school with a clear conscience.  But he was bouncing off walls, completely healthy, at home all day long.

So I wasn’t exactly in the mood to hear Ane make excuses about not trying her best in math.  We are going to have to find ways to make her get around this mental block.  I think she has it in her head that she can only be “good” in one subject, and reading is the one that she is both good at and enjoys.  I told her that she didn’t have to enjoy math, but she does have to learn to do it properly.

Okay, enough of that.  Oh, look!  A cute baby!

Thumper at church

No teeth yet, but he sure is getting better at eating rice cereal!

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