The Next Meet

Ane placed 17th out of 22 runners.

Finisher ribbon!

She was horribly disappointed when she crossed the finish line and heard “17.”  It was actually a good learning moment for math, as I explained (using fractions) why 17/22 was better than 15/16.  After I was done explaining, she felt better about the whole thing.

Thumper enjoyed himself at the meet – he loves watching all the kids and being admired by the parents.

Mommy and Thumper at the meet

There is no cross-country meet this week – school is on a half-day schedule for parent-teacher conferences.  These are the conferences that used to take place right before Thanksgiving, but the elementary schools have gone from a trimester to a semester schedule this year.  As a result, the conferences have been moved up to October, with at-risk kids getting another round of conferences in February.  So, instead of a meet on Thursday, Ane and I will have a meeting with her teacher.  (I don’t have a conference for Tad, usually – his IEP is still current and I see his teachers when I pick him up on Fridays for ABA, so I get to chat with them then, plus we email all the time.)

I’m pretty sure the words “talking in class” will come up.

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