Star Wars Reads at the Library

The official “Star Wars Reads” Day was earlier this month, but our local library extended it in order to have some special events.

Star Wars Reads Day is just a promotional day to promote all the Star Wars books (and comic books, graphic novels, and novels, and LEGO sets) that are available… and literacy.  Oh, yeah,  that.  We met up with Danny and John and their mom at the library, which made it even more fun for Ane and Tad.

There was a special “sound effects” show for the kids on Saturday – it was a one-man stand-up routine who used his Star Wars toys and his mouth to tell the original trilogy to kids.  It was hysterical – even the adults were laughing!

And some of the local nerds showed up – Alpha Base and the 501st Legion both sent people, so you could take pictures with them at the library entrance.  When we arrived, Darth Vader was waiting to greet us, along with Princess Leia.  Rerun was stunned, to say the least.

The kids with Vader and Leia

He was a little awed, but was more than willing to talk to Vader.  When we left, they were gone and Rerun wanted to know if “Darth Vader and Princess Leia went home?”  I said they probably had.  Rerun then decided that they live together on the Millennium Falcon, and he hasn’t stopped asking about them every day since he met them.

Yeah, we’re weird, but we have fun!

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