Downpour At The Zoo!

And the rain rain rain came down down down, but we still went to Point Defiance!  Mostly because the Webmaster had the day off for Presidents’ Day, and because there is no school this week, Tad needed a little shark therapy to keep him grounded.

So once we arrived (through very bad traffic)…

We made it!

… we headed straight for the South Pacific Aquarium.  The older two got to spend a little more time than usual at Stingray Cove, where you can “pet” stingrays, because there was no crowd at all.

Stingray Cove

Tad was in his element.  His sharks were just around the corner.

Happy Tad

This was the first time that I can remember Thumper being so entranced by what he was seeing.

"Why do fish swim, Mommy?"

The little boys stare at the sharks

We tried to stick to the indoor-ish exhibits, like the aquariums, but Ane did get a good look at her beloved clouded leopards.

Clouded leopard

After getting soaking wet – in more ways than one, as at one point Rerun didn’t quite manage to make it to the bathroom in time, and I ended up running back to the car for a change of clothes, poor kid – we decided to end the day with a ride on the carousel.  Ane and Tad were thrilled, but only Ane rode a horse.

Ane rides the WA state horse

Tad rode in the sleigh.  He couldn’t tell us why.  And then when the ride was over, he wanted to keep going.

Sleigh ride

And Rerun probably doesn’t remember his last ride on a carousel, and since I was carrying Thumper, the Webmaster helped him ride a zebra.  He was a little uncertain at first, but did enjoy it.

Rerun on a zebra

And then we trudged back to the car, sopping wet.  And as we drove home through bad traffic, the sun came out.  Oh, well.  I think the kids had fun!  And we are hardy Pacific Northwesterners – what’s a little rain?

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