Rerun Speaks (Bonus Comment from Ane)

Rerun has started going to Pajamarama Storytime at our local library, as run by our favorite children’s librarian, Mei-Mei.  Ane started going to this particular storytime after our dear friend C. told us about it (C. is  the teen librarian there), and so we got to know Mei-Mei very well.

*cough* That was SEVEN YEARS AGO *cough*

So when I walked in the door with Rerun, Mei-Mei flipped out that he was big enough to start coming.

This is fun for both me and Rerun because it’s some one-on-one time doing a “big kid” thing (the other kids usually stay at home – Ane and Tad are too old and Thumper too small).  Plus I get to hear little gems like this…

We were driving down the road and passed the closest Wendy’s to our house.  Rerun got very excited and started pointing at it.  “Mom, look, LOOK!  Dere’s… dere’s that PLACE!  With the fries!  And the chicken nuggets!  And the cheeseburgers!  ALL the vegetables!” he announced proudly.


“All the food!”

I think we need to review the food groups.


Bonus comment, courtesy of Ane:

She has been miffed that she has homework nearly every single day, and Tad generally does not.  Yesterday, he came home with a math worksheet.

“Homework???  He FINALLY has HOMEWORK???”  she asked with unmistakable glee.  When I said yes, she walked away saying, “My life is so much better now…”

A little schadenfreude goes a long way, apparently.

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  1. Ressis
    March 19th, 2014 07:15

    I love your kids.