Memorial Day

Today is the day to pay tribute to our honored dead.  The day to honor the living is Veterans’ Day, not today.

Last week, the little boys and I took Obachan to Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park in Seattle, the cemetery where my Ojiichan is buried.  We had extra flowers between us when we were done, so I made a quick walk by myself (after buckling the boys back into the car and leaving them with Obachan) over to the Veterans’ Cemetery and the Doughboy Statue.

The Doughboy Statue

I took a picture of the inscription on the base.

The dedication inscription

I left my extra flowers at the base of the statue.  It was my early Memorial Day tribute.  After our visit to Washington DC and seeing the different memorials there, plus the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington, the cost of freedom is quite present in my mind on this day.

May our honored dead rest in peace.

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