Summer School with Auntie

Now that Auntie is (mostly) home for the summer, she and I created a teaching plan for the kids.  She’s doing the teaching, Grandma is the principal, and I jokingly referred to myself as the lunch lady.

Each of the older three kids has a list of things they are going to be working on with Auntie.  Ane is keeping her skills sharp in math, along with working on some spelling.  I get to handle her summer reading chart and handwriting practice.  Tad is going to keep pounding away at his addition and subtraction, and doing some intense reading (meaning, NO SKIPPING WORDS if he reads too fast).  Rerun is working on letters and numbers and his flashcards for sight words.

Thumper is off the hook… this year.

Now, I have not totally sucked the fun out of this summer.  We still have trips to the zoo on the agenda, and a lot of other play time with friends on the schedule – not to mention Tad’s birthday in only another 6 weeks.  Summer is actually very short.  Which makes it really important that Ane and Tad not lose everything that they spent time learning this year in just two months.  I have a feeling Rerun would keep learning anyway, but this just makes it a little more formal for him.

Yesterday was their first day working with Auntie, while I took Thumper to his 15 month check-up.  Speaking of which, he had 3 shots, poor little love, and is 31.5 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds, 12 ounces.  Our pediatrician, Dr. N, looked him over and said, “Hmm… good bruising and good scraping,” as he observed his legs and cheek.

When I got back from the pediatrician’s office, Rerun and Tad were already done with their sessions, and Grandma already had lunch in progress (I had brought mac & cheese boxes over).  I had brought the teacher a coffee.  I have to keep her well-caffeinated this summer.

One Response to “Summer School with Auntie”

  1. Ressis
    June 25th, 2014 05:41

    I wish we could have Teacher Auntie here. Or we should just come visit for the whole summer.