Back in the Groove

Despite the late buses (and yes, they were still late in the afternoon), the first day of school was a success!

Ane came home considerably more excited about the school year in general (plus, she didn’t have any homework) and described some of her new teacher’s methods for keeping the kids in order.  Including class money.  Mr. R also sent home a link to a parent survey that the Webmaster and I filled out (boy, are things changing… first time we’ve filled out an online survey for a teacher instead of filling out a paper questionnaire).

I think Ane is going to have a much better year than she has anticipated.

Tad came home, grinning from ear to ear, with two pictures that he had colored with his fresh box of crayons and a note from Ms. W (who is now married and is now called Mrs. S) saying that he had had a great day and that they (she and the paras) were so happy to have him in class.

I think Tad is going to have a simply amazing year.

The house was shockingly quiet until the older two got home.  It seems that Rerun and Thumper didn’t really know what to do with themselves today, either.  They both kind of puttered around me until lunchtime, and then Thumper finally went down for a nap.  Rerun was excited to see Ane and Tad when they got home, but then promptly got into it with Tad within a half hour.  Insert eyeroll here.

It is going to take us a little bit to get used to this all again, but we are back in the groove!  Now, if the buses could just run on time….

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