Upgrade Time

The Webmaster is in the process of doing a really big and much-needed system upgrade for us here at home.  Which means I am blogging from the iPad at the moment and waiting for all of my data to be copied and transferred from the old system to the new system.   Which also means no pictures on the blog today.  Boo.

One piece of news, though – Rerun has been assigned to a teacher at the preschool, and will be in the morning session!  This means he will get on a bus at the crack of dawn, but I think this will be best for him.  He’ll be fresher and more alert at school, and maybe he’ll catch a cat nap on the bus on the way home (like Tad used to do) or take a full nap after lunchtime at home.  He will go to school 4 days a week, with Wednesdays off (Wednesday is the school district’s early release day during the week).  He starts a week from today!

Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with a faster system and new pictures for all to enjoy.


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