Braces For Ane!

Well, it finally happened!


It’s been about six weeks since Ane and Tad first visited the orthodontist and got a full work-up of their teeth.  Long story short, they both have (genetic) overbites, Ane’s teeth are out of alignment on top, and Tad’s teeth stick out at a protruding angle.  However, because Tad still has many more teeth to lose, and because he’s on the autism spectrum (which means that the Webmaster and I will have to do a good chunk of the work in maintaining his teeth), we decided to wait six months and see where he is then.  Ane, on the other hand, wanted braces and was ready to do what it takes to care for them.

So yesterday was the BIG DAY.  Rerun and I picked her up at school about 45 minutes before the school day ended, and drove to the orthodontist’s office.  (Rerun went because the Webmaster was driving Tad to speech therapy, and we went with a “divide and conquer” approach to the day, so I took Rerun because there are video game consoles to play with at the orthodontist’s office, and the Webmaster took Thumper.)  The entire appointment was about an hour and a half long – taking the spacers out that they’d put in the week before, gluing the brackets and bands in place, stringing the wire, and then showing her how to care for it all.

She was pretty excited – and picked out purple and gold bands (Go Huskies!) for her first colors.  The pain came later.  We got fish and chips and clam chowder from Ivar’s to reward everyone after a busy day, and Ane gingerly ate her chowder.  Yes, I got her started on ibuprofen right away.  Good thing she can swallow pills easily.

And thus begins our adventure into orthodonture!

2 Responses to “Braces For Ane!”

  1. Ressis
    October 16th, 2014 05:56

    Make sure she never gets white bands, they turn yellow.

  2. Nana
    October 16th, 2014 06:26

    She ROCKS!