A Picture With Santa

We made our annual visit to Santa Claus yesterday!  (I usually like to do this sooner, but the schedule has been crazy.)

Santa Picture 2014

Ane (who knows not to spoil things for her brothers) and Tad (who had a letter in hand for Santa and will never stop believing) were all smiles.  Rerun was excited… until it was time to sit with Santa.  He’d said hi, and then he just balked.  So he is sitting on the stepstool box instead of Santa’s lap with Thumper.  Thumper was a little confused about it, but sat there with a mildly perplexed look on his face until it was all over (and we were FAST).  Once we were done, THEN he realized that a stranger was holding him, looked at me, and began to cry.

Tad read Santa his letter (he wants books, XBox games, and Batman stuff.  Yes, his mother helped him write this letter after his first list said he wanted LEGO Batman 3 sets…. which don’t come out until AFTER Christmas, in January.  Tad was upset when I pointed this out, and told him that there was no way Santa could deliver on a toy that isn’t available yet), Ane told Santa that she wants Minecraft things, Rerun said “eggs” because he was copying a radio commercial that is playing around here right now, but his sister interpreted that as “Angry Birds” and made a nice save.  I told Santa that Thumper would like books and Duplos.

Each of the kids got a candy cane and wrote their names on Santa’s “nice list” that was out on the floor – a long roll of paper that kids could draw on with markers while they waited, if necessary.  I wrote Thumper’s name down for him.

Checking the Santa visit and picture off the to-do list!

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