Finding Nemo – The Play!

Ane’s class was told at the very beginning of the school year that they would be doing a class play at the end of the year, and that it would be “Finding Nemo.”

Friday, after months of practice, they performed the play.  Ane played the role of Darla, the dentist’s niece who is a “fish killer.”  She had the opportunity to try out for bigger roles, but decided to really make a splash on the method acting by playing Darla – while wearing her own headgear.

Ane as Darla, with Dory

She did a fabulous job and had all nine of her lines down cold, and never showed one bit of stage fright.

However, both Tad and Rerun had issues with watching this play.

First, Tad.  He can recite “Finding Nemo” IN HIS SLEEP.  He was providing sound effects at all the appropriate parts.  The funniest one was when Marlin and Dory arrive in Sydney Harbor and Dory says “Sydney!  Sydney!  Sydney!”  Well, in the movie, the opera house is showing and you can hear an opera singer going “aaaaaaaaaaah.”  Guess who provided that sound effect at just the right moment?  And better yet, it was picked up by the Webmaster’s boom mike – because he was taping the show for Ane’s teacher.

Second, Rerun.  Ohhhhh, Rerun.  He wanted to be IN the play.  He had not taken a nap that day, and when we sat down to watch the play, he was a wreck.  “I want to be a clownfish on the stage and go behind the curtain!” he sobbed.

I showed him the program, which said “5th grade play.”  Which then triggered fresh sobs of “I want to be in 5th grade and be a clownfish in ‘Finding Nemo’ and be on the stage.”

He eventually calmed down, and he got to go into the aquarium set at the end of the evening (which was better than someone’s little brother, who was about Thumper’s age, who was trying to walk into the aquarium set during the play).

Dancing in the aquarium

Thumper was sort of interested, but I had him strapped into his stroller, with the iPod and headphones to keep him calm and quiet.  He really isn’t old enough to appreciate the theatre arts.

The play was a great success, and I’m sure Ane will always remember it fondly.

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  1. Ressis
    June 8th, 2015 05:58

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.