The Very Fun Carnival

Last evening was the annual school carnival at Rerun’s preschool.  We attended them every year that Tad went to the preschool, and it was fun to go back and enjoy it again!

This year’s theme was “The Very Fun Carnival” based off of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”  So the colors and crafts – and some of the prizes – were all caterpillar-themed.

Rerun in his caterpillar gear

The kids were able to make a dyed pasta necklace for the body, and then string a printed head on it to make the caterpillar.  They also made caterpillar headbands.  Rerun’s is easier to see in the next picture.

The caterpillar rides the whale

There was food and ice cream, and live music performed by a kids’ xylophone band.  Thumper adored the live music, but had to be restrained to keep him from going for the xylophones.  Tad had not been back to his “old school” for a while (though his elementary school is right next door), and he enjoyed himself (and floored a few of the teachers who remembered him – he’s grown a bit since he was 5).  Ane was my right-hand helper, and kept an eye on Thumper for me, so I could watch Rerun and Tad.  (The Webmaster couldn’t get off work in time to join us.)

Next year at carnival time, Thumper will be a student here.  We have three more years of this event in a row to look forward to!

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